July 21, 2016

canadian car seat laws

Herein infant seatlies a list of quick links to Canadian federal and provincial car seat laws. The use of car seats and boosters are governed in Canada by both federal and provincial regulations. Federal regulations, in general, set out rules for manufacturers and the types of car seats and boosters that may be produced and sold. Provincial regulations determine roles for drivers and how they must use car seats and boosters. Some provinces and territories list car seat laws in their Motor Vehicle Act (or similarly named legislation), but most place the specifics in a separate regulation document. This post deals solely with the regulations. Be prepared for some legalese!

Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations

British Columbia
Motor Vehicle Act Regulations, Division 36

Traffic Safety Act, Vehicle Equipment Regulation 80-82

Traffic Safety Act, Subsection 248

Highway Traffic Act, Child Restraining Devices Regulation

Highway Traffic Act, Regulation 613: Seat Belt Assemblies

Highway Safety Code 397

New Brunswick
Motor Vehicle Act, Regulation 83-163

Nova Scotia
Motor Vehicle Act, Seat Belt and Child Restraint Systems Regulations

Prince Edward Island
Highway Traffic Act, Seat Belt Regulations

Newfoundland and Labrador
Highway Traffic Act, Section 178

Motor Vehicles Act, Sections 86-88

Northwest Territory
Motor Vehicles Act, Seat Belt Assembly and Child Restraint System Regulations

Motor Vehicles Act, Seat Belt Assembly and Child Restraint System Regulations

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